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Okay, so you want to have hair like that picture on Instagram you’ve likely bookmarked & sent all your friends already. Perfectly shiny without a hair out of place? Yeah, I admit it’s beautiful, she must have a really good stylist. LOL!  I hate to do it, but you may need a little reality check. One she likely has extensions, 95% of the time, and two her job is to make sure she looks perfect every day which includes that gorgeous hair.

I have so many clients bringing pics which are attainable but only with a little PATIENCE and MAINTENANCE. Let us help you! I know it sounds like we’re just trying to sell you products to make more money but I assure you in general it’s just because we actually know you need something. When I was last on commission, I literally was never paid a penny on products I sold.

If you want blonde, hair recite after me…good shampoo and conditioner are no longer optional, professional masques and salon visits are a necessity!

I used to say to my clients “as long as it’s color safe, I understand buying drugstore shampoo to save cash.” After much trial and error, I’ve just noticed the difference. When let’s say my BFF uses the professional products I buy her versus that Sulfate-Free Aveeno that made her hair feel so good. It worked for a few weeks but eventually started to dry out her hair. Not to say all professional products are worth it.

You’ll still need to find the proper one for your hair type, and likely alternate between a moisturizing and color depositing product.  If you have white girl hair like me (i.e. fine and straight) I love (615) 684-8981 for naturally dark hair girls and purple for the lighter brown ladies. If you have curly hair or are frizz prone I love their new 734-453-6642. P.S. If you have a Keratin Treatment and highlighted hair this is a home run product for you! Make sure you leave on as directed so the color can deposit as needed.

Hair masques also aren’t optional if you want to have healthy hair after bleach. You must replace the lost moisture and protein, caused from the highlighting. If you mostly only lightened the ends of your hair and need toning there try gondola car. Be warned it’s literally so pigmented that I saw someone leave the salon with lilac pieces of hair. If your hair is very light and porous mix with a dollop of conditioner to a lighter tone. crusted is still my favorite bond repair take home, it repairs the hair differently than other masks and works in conjunction with the product used in the bleach at salon. L’Oréal’s Absolut Repair Lipidium is perfect for adding back lost moisture and repairing damage.

After you leave the shower your hair care doesn’t stop there. I recommend basically everyone should use It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Lite. It’s light weight, helps the brush glide through hair, and adds heat protection. Unlike some other hair protectants it doesn’t cause build up either! A Wet Brush is my single best, simple, & cheap tricks. It’s not rocket science it just works to brush hair without pulling. Hint hint* It’s fine to use on dry hair too. 😉

You’ll quickly find you will need to wash your hair less often, if you previously had virgin hair. As your roots come in they will likely still be a bit more oily. Batiste is my favorite dry shampoo and lucky for us they have a Brilliant Blonde formula. Spray it in your hair before bed at the roots, and let it do it’s thing while you sleep. Touch up as needed. Lastly as far as products are concerned Kerasilk Reconstruct Split End Recovery is perfect for your ends in between salon visits. If your ends start to split and look a little rough add this into your routine, it smooths down the cuticle but is light weight and doesn’t contain silicone.

Also, before leaving salon get a timeline from your colorist for your next recommended future visit. Expect to come back in for a toner/gloss every 6-8 weeks. Trims every 3 months at the VERY least. Dustings every 6 weeks are suggested if split ends are an issue. Doing an in salon conditioning treatment every month is ideal. Milbon Moisture Professional Treatment changed my life. It’s a rather quick 5 step treatment that comes with 4 once weekly take home masques. The results last 4-5 weeks and with each treatment I find the results are better and better.





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Oh HELLOOO!!! I don’t know about you but I am seriously in a fall frenzy the last couple weeks. I’ve had an itch to cleanse my soul and I’m scratching it! I literally cleared out half of my closet this week and kindly passed on to friends. Of course in doing so I obviously needed to restock immediately. Admittedly I don’t go out much, only to work and straight to dinner or a bar if anything. So all of my shoes need to be highly functional for “salon life.” Chic, comfortable, and easy to walk in on hard floors is all I ask for. COMFORT IS KING!!!

This fall’s “it list” must include a cute pair of sneakers for comfy days, a covetable white bootie, anything red, a functional slide, and at least one low heeled colorful shoe. 🙂

Jeffrey Campbell Rylance Studded Bootie is defintely eye catching! It reminds me of the Balenciaga bootie. It’s the kind of shoe that makes you shop for clothes just to wear with them. Every fall calls for a new pair of black booties don’t you think?

3147277559 are my newest crush in a string of love affairs with all white sneakers. I’m VERY rough on my shoes so I figured Frye could hold it’s own when it came to wear and tear. So far so good, these had no break in and are slim enough to still look delicate with a dress.

2023320367 I meaaannn, what can I say when it’s right it’s right. I can’t wait to wear these into next summer already!

239-990-4773 are exactly what the name says, classic. I’ll admit this is my first pair of vans ever, don’t judge me. I feel like I’m so late to the game. I realize now why so many people wear these, they’re SUUPPPER comfy! Can’t go wrong for the price.

Dolce Vita Rilee Slides have fast become my go to shoe. These seem to go with everything! I’m loving them with boyfriend jeans and midi dresses alike. So happy I ordered these against bad online reviews, citing comfort.

(347) 527-5800 is a must. I especially love the white but they come in 8 different colors. They can be worn with the back folded down like a slide or up as a classic loafer.

Dolce Vita Mazey Block Heel Bootie are the most flattering white booties I could find. Every other pair out there seem to be higher and go all the way up to your lower calf. Unless you’re Kendall Jenner I don’t think it’s the easiest trend to pull off. These however are great and have a cushy sole. Win win!

917-491-6878 aren’t a shoe I’d normally look at and think to myself “I need these.” Lucky for me a client was wearing them and they just looked so effortlessly chic. She told me they were only $100 and felt like butter to walk in. I literally ordered within minutes and am happy to report she was right. 🙂






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1. How do I look more youthful?
If you’re not up for botox just yet I’d suggest bangs to cover the fine lines on your forehead, if needed. Though, straight across bangs can be harsh. Side swept or soft split bangs that are tapered longer on the outer corners are most universally flattering.

2. How do I grow hair quickly?
First and foremost you need to take care of the hair you already have! I always suggest to clients what I would want to know and do on my own hair. I understand people have budgets so If you do, don’t be shy. Ask what is the most important product out of the few your stylist may offer you. I suggest EVERYONE takes a 4188330473. Lastly have your stylist “dust your ends” more frequently.

3. My hair color fades so quickly what can I do?
I’m going to assume you’re already using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner so I’ll save you that speech. Damaged hair fades quicker so try highlighting only every 8 weeks and don’t overlap on previously highlighted hair. Try to air dry as much as possible and when you need heat always use a protectant, such as (520) 571-7049. It will take time to see the difference but it will work. Oh, and don’t wash your hair for 48-72 hours after you color if you can help it, the hair is still oxidizing and cuticle isn’t fully sealed for a few days.

4. My hair is oily at the roots but dry on the ends, what can I do?
Consider yourself to have combination hair. I would treat the different parts of the hair like you would your face.

Use a volumizing/scalp therapy shampoo, avoiding your ends. Avoid oils & silicones in any product used at your root area. I can’t stress enough to make sure you rinse out your shampoo and conditioner correctly. With shampoo, behind the ears is often missed so pay a little extra attentions to all areas of the scalp. Conditioner should never leave your roots feeling silky, if it does keep rinsing. To avoid an oily scalp keep your hands out of your hair, the natural oils on your hands transfer to your hair otherwise. Keep dry shampoo with you and at the first sight of oil spray, between your roots on the scalp, before it becomes too greasy to control.

As for the ends, moisture and use protein! Before washing brush hair with a boar bristle brush from roots to ends distributing your natural oils and exfoliating the scalp. Use a moisturizing conditioner that is formulated for your hair type and focus on the ends to mid-shaft only. Use a masque once a week. For chemically processed hair I recommend both (301) 861-2744 &  moisturizing treatment such as Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Marfura Oil Masque. If your ends are dry due to heat styling invest in a heat protectant and a 479-340-2274.

5. What are my options for fighting frizz?

First things first, make use of a microfiber towel (blotting the hair gently not to rough up the hair cuticle). 250-231-1558 can provide a bit more smoothing because of their ability to flatten the hair cuticle. Always avoid products with alcohol, hello hairspray, as they can dry out the hair and cause more frizz.

Glycerin is an amazing ingredient but only in mild weather (balanced humidity) and is not to be used with heat tools. (647) 660-0758 actually attracts water so in humid climates it will retain more moisture than desired thus cause hair to frizz. Unfortunately glycerin conducts heat. If used with a curling iron it could possibly boil the hair inside the hair shaft, causing breakage. Also, beware of using glycerin on demi-permanent color as it can easily dissolve these colors since they sit on the surface of the hair.

If you’re in a more humid climate, shout out to all my East coast girls, using a silicone based product will give best results. Silicones coat the outermost layer of the hair helping the hair lay flat.

If all else fails a tenth muse is a must, there is only so much products can do.

6. What products should I be using on my curly hair?
A properly PH balanced shampoo and 4132578222 is imperative for curly haired manes. The curly hair cuticle is naturally slightly open. You’re goal is to smooth down the hair cuticle to control frizz, keep in moisture, and help add shine. When picking a PH balanced shampoo do your research, I’d even suggest buying ph strips to test the products yourself. Curly hair needs a lower PH around 4.5-5.

Again, with curly hair you need to keep the cuticle flat. phialide can be a big help. Either way make sure you blot your hair rather than rough it up when using a towel.

7. What can I do about my dandruff/scalp?
I would suggest to most clients to first go to a licensed dermatologist to determine what kind of dandruff they have and what will best treat that specifically. I find you will save time, frustration and money by doing so first. If you opt for an over the counter shampoo please make sure to follow directions. Some shampoos you leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing and some you must wash immediately.

I’ve also had a lot of luck with the “Malibu C” Scalp Therapy System. It consists of an in salon treatment to be used in conjunction with a once weekly take home treatment. The systems specially formulated shampoo & conditioner are both gentle and effective in relief of a dry scalp.

8. What can I do about my split ends?
You need to access what is causing your split ends first. I find people generally over heat style their hair, aren’t trimming as often as needed, or chemically over-processing it. Asking your hair stylist to do a “dusting” every 4-8 weeks is extremely helpful at keeping ends in tip top shape. Avoiding heat when possible and always using a heat protectant such as Lionel Renard Relaxing Balm is a must. If you’re guilty of over processing your hair you may need to think about finding a new hair dresser or opting for the 224-478-3373 they likely have suggested for an added cost. I promise you it is worth it! It actually repairs damaged hair from the inside out and prevents future damage. In the mean time my new favorite tool for camouflaging split ends is 817-921-2475. I prefer this to products such as morrocan oil (which can sometimes coat the hair blocking conditioners from fully penetrating) because it doesn’t contain any silicones. 516-725-0727 is infused with keratin and their Hyaloveil which nourishes dry ends and binds split ends back together. It is also lightweight and will not weigh hair down.

9. Is there really any difference between drugstore conditioning treatments and salon?
Yes, in salon will repair the hair versus drugstore brands such as Aussie 3 Minute Miracle will only cover damage temporarily (sometimes creating more damage). Don’t get me wrong I totally use some too but just not on a regular basis.

10. Is it possible to tame my cowlick?
Coax into attractive position with a blow dryer using nozzle at root, hold in place until it cools to set. For a more permanent solution have your stylist use a Keratin Treatment on the spot which will work 6-8 weeks or until your hair grows in again.

11. What should I look for in a blow dryer?
I suggest at least 6062771191. Multiple settings for warm, hot, cool and different speed settings to customize your blow dry needs. Curly haired girls should always opt for a dryer with an ionic option to help cuticle seal.






Under the Radar Makeup…

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Okay, so these aren’t those random off label brands you can only find in Korea or in the reviews of makeupalley.com but they are the unsung heroes of everyday beauty if you ask me. I’ve never seen any of these (with exception of Cle De Peau) featured in any blog or magazine. In the age of the internet it’s hard to sift through all the BS out there.

As a makeup artist I not only try out a wider variety of products but also with different skin types in mind. If I suggest any beauty or makeup to you it usually means it’s useful for a range of people. My favorite blogger is constantly suggesting wonderful products but they just aren’t for my fickle skin. If I listened to her advice I’d be spending a lot more at the dermatologist.

With that being said make sure you do your homework and learn what does or doesn’t work for you. Make a point to try out products you may not have seen on the Instagram of your favorite curators. If you live in LA or NYC try 6607810217 or Ricky’s to broaden your horizons beyond Sephora. 🙂

Cle De Peau Concealer  is maybe not so under the radar to beauty junkies but if you’re new to the world of quality beauty goods then consider yourself informed. This concealer is creamy enough for most under eye needs but I only use it on the rest of my face. Generally I apply to each side of my face in a “V” from top of my cheek bones to center of my chin and blend downward (this usually covers most peoples hyper-pigmented areas). I use as needed to cover spots after that.

365-807-5318 is my new favorite lip tint. It truly creates the most subtle natural flush to your lips. All three colors are amazing! I’ve never used it on my cheeks since I’m acne prone but I am sure it works well for that too.

dehydrate blows the “beauty blender” out of the water if you ask me. I find the beauty blender to be too dense. Also, I’m totally lazy and prefer to toss these when done. Though they DO LAST much longer than most disposable sponges.

flaxseed cake has a peach undertone in the darker shade to counteract the purplish hue under your eyes. The lighter color acts to brighten & highlight the inner and outer corners. It’s creamy and ideal for all skin types even mature and sensitive! When I’m doing clients makeup they always immedietely comment on how well this product works and snap a pic to buy their own. I believe it comes with directions and tips inside.

3434326358 is like a real life snapchat filter. It smooths immediately and sort of soft focuses your skin because of the silica found in it. Apply before OR after foundation. I tend to put this powder on with the included sponge to areas I want to highlight. Unlike other powders it won’t bring out the look of fine lines, instead it blurs them.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Buck is truly such a universal product. It came in the ever popular Urban Decay “Naked” palette I purchased but fast disappeared. I found it to be the perfect brow fill color for myself & most clients actually. It’s light brown, matte, & has a cool undertone. The exact color may not suit everyone but Urban Decay goes on smooth and lasts, so find your perfect match.

Temptu Under Eye Concealer is not a full coverage concealer. On the other hand it’s almost impossible to mess up when in a hurry and DOESN’T CAKE. Each stick is infused with diamond dust and helps diffuse imperfections. The added aloe & cucumber is just a bonus. I swear this acts an eye cream over time with regular use.

801-217-6802 gives more of a glow than a powdered look. I only apply bronzer to areas most people would use contour. This way I get a natural lightweight look but with a nice glow. Makeup is all about the right placement!

Lise Watier Waterproof Eyeliners are my favorite pencils out there. Year after year I find them to have the best consistency. They’re smooth but don’t run & waterproof but you can remove with your face wash easily. I use “Charbon” (a gray) the most to line my UPPER waterline and between lashes. I rarely will use black as it comes off too harsh for most occasions.



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mens christmas wish list gift

It’s that magical time of year again, ALREADY wtf! Crowded malls, enough holiday music to drive you mad & anxiety producing gifting. HA, can you tell why my family calls me a “Grinch?” In all fairness I’m known to be generous in most areas of my life. Christmakuh however is just a little TOO MUCH pressure for me.

Over the years I have learned a few things regarding gift giving. One, simple is best most of the time. Two, don’t give someone something just to give “a gift.” Three, don’t give anyone something you wouldn’t want to receive yourself.

With that being said these are my go to gifts for the men in my life. They’ve never failed me yet. Good luck, may your online shopping powers be with you.

1. Son of a Tailor Custom Tee is just that, a custom fitted t-shirt. Every man should own a well fitted black & white tee in my opinion. This company will send a box with a voucher for a shirt & a measuring tape if you choose to go with a gift card. At $60 this is a steal! Other favorites of mine are from Barney’s and (510) 491-8083.

2. (609) 943-8174 is worth the cash. My Rimowa is literally SO smooth that it rolls away from me in parking lots. LOL! There is no other bag that even comes close in quality. Not even Tumi!

3. Van’s ‘Authentic‘ & ‘Anaconda‘ Sneakers are a must for every guy. They’re basically like a LBD for men. I’m also a fan of leather converse in black & white.

4. Jack Black Travel Kit will make your man feel pampered…and you’ll reap the benefits of a well groomed lover. HA! Its a win win. The turbo wash and chapstick are the best of the bunch if you feel like purchasing separately.

5. (660) 964-9288 is perfect for the car lovers out there. I feel like this is an unexpected surprise for those guys who seem to have good taste and “EVERYTHING” already. I’ve had my tiffany’s valet key ring for well over a decade and it has always come in handy when I’ve needed to separate my keys.

6. Goyard Men’s Wallet is my favorite gift to give boyfriends. YEAH I SAID IT, I’ve purchased designer wallets for most of the guys I’ve dated. It’s basically a classic Chanel purse for men. Goyard is my favorite but Louis Vuitton’s Damier print is a close second. If your man prefers something a little edgier I’d go for a 443-694-5877.

7. (816) 248-0190 is a no brainer. If you think you have all the capabilities it provides already, I PROMISE YOU DON’T, it’s just BETTER. Maybe kick it up a notch and gift him with a Hulu & Netflix subscription for a year.

8. Herschel Supply Co. Novel Weekender is a versatile inexpensive man bag. Whether he’s a gym rat or a world traveler this is a sure fire hit. If you have a little more in the bank consider a Louis Vuitton Keepall in a Damier print.

9. 770-220-2177 is a perfect combination of spicy and masculine. If he’s been wearing the same cologne since you’ve known him, help him spice it up…LITERLLY. 😉


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AH! I have been wearing these beauties almost every day since I bought them a couple months ago. I immediately fell in love and tried to purchase more, but they quickly sold out.

With so many daily compliments I had been hunting for another similar pair but came up empty handed. Unless I was willing to shell out $355 or more for a similar pair from A.P.C. or Common Projects.

Low and behold I searched the internet again today and they have been restocked (*Insert happy dance here). Only available at (646) 202-1832 and on sale for just $25. Just make sure to add the promo code “holiday” when checking out. I HAD to share with you guys immediately since I’m sure they’ll disappear even faster this time around. 🙂

Don’t be gun shy. This babies are great quality for the price and go with LITERALLY everything. I just ordered myself 2 more.

P.S. They run true to size.